Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sour Grapes

Okay, Pia Toscano is a good singer. That's a given. But every week on American Idol someone has to go home. That too is a given. Pia is making her rounds on the talk show circuit and each of the interviewers seem to want to humor her by saying something like, maybe the voters thought you were safe so they didn't vote. I say maybe the voters voted for someone else. That's a thought. Or maybe Pia wasn't the great singer the talk show hosts seem to think. If I remember correctly the judges on AI told Pia every week she could not rely on ballads to save her every time. I say sour grapes is not a good look.

Your thoughts on this subject?


  1. I liked Pia on Idol but my guy friend enlightened me by saying "she just seems like the type of girl who won't even hug you properly so you don't mess up her makeup." Since she was booted off of Idol I've heard the rumors on the internet about her being a diva before her time i.e. not smiling/speaking on the red carpet. Maybe people didn't vote for her because they intuitively saw her "ugly" side...

  2. that's good to know. now I don't feel bad about being glad to see her go. God don't like ugly!